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Triad Live Steamers, an organization based in the Winston-Salem, NC area has struck a deal with the town of Harrisburg, NC to build a train ride through the City Park. The club already has 3500 feet of track located at Farmington Dragway, about 30 minutes west of Winston-Salem off I-40. Formed in 1982, the club boasts many members and experts on Live Steam. Click Here to learn more about Triad Live Steamers.

Click HERE to view more photos from the most recent event in Harrisburg.

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by Bill Murphy

Most hobbies have clubs linked to them so people can share viewpoints and sharing that knowledge leads to more successful ventures. If we all had to reinvent the wheel each time we needed to drive, we wouldnt get very far, would we?

Model railroading is no different. With hundreds or even thousands of clubs worldwide, it is no longer an obscure hobby. For example, clubs such as the LCCA (the Lionel Collectors Club of America), which was formed in 1970, supplies their members with the means and ways to discuss and share their love of their hobby that might not otherwise happen.


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N-Scale Steam w/Sound & Video

Posted: August 26, 2008 in Model Trains

Though I’ve posted here a few times over the last year, I haven’t really introduced myself as I should have. I live in central Illinois and model the NKP (in N-scale, obviously). I used to have a pretty large basement layout until we converted the basement into a home theater room. My current layout is along three walls of a spare bedroom, and is set in, say, summer of 1956, when Berks still ruled the mainline, but the triple-stripe diesels were creeping up on them.

Over the past year, inspired by the work of PowersteamGuy (a/k/a Bob), I’ve converted six LL Berkshires, 4 Kato Mikados and most recently two Walthers 0-8-0’s to sound using Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoders. The Berks have the full size Tsunami and a 14X25mm speaker in the tender; the switchers and Mikes use the new Micro Tsunami and a 15mm round speaker in the tender. In the case of the Berks and the Mikes, I use the Tsunami’s for sound only; motor control is provided by a Lenz Silver Mini mounted in the cab.


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Published: Saturday, August 23, 2008 4:37 AM CDT

Time is drawing close to respond to the call of ”all aboard” and leave the station for North Platte’s Rail Fest 2008, taking place Sept. 19-21. Trains, trains and more trains, from some of Union Pacific’s largest to the hobbyist’s smallest, are part of this year’s celebration.

The three-day event celebrates the railroad history of North Platte, also home to Bailey Yard, the world’s largest railroad classification facility

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Modern-day travelers can take a trip back in time aboard a fleet of classic California Zephyrs and a Colonial Crafts rail car.

By Jay Jones, Special to The Los Angeles Times
06:19 PM PDT, August 19, 2008

Carol Voss will never forget her first cross-country train trip, in the front seat of the Vista Dome on the new California Zephyr.

That was in the summer of 1949, when automobiles and airplanes had yet to lure many transcontinental travelers off trains. A young girl at the time, Voss and her family were among the first to ride the shiny Zephyr, which had been launched just four months earlier.

“Everyone was dressed up,” Voss says. “The men were wearing suits and hats.” She wore a hat, too, and a new dress.


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The Handy Dandy Railroad

Posted: August 24, 2008 in Train Rides in NC

Denton Farm Park and the Southeast Old Threshers’ Reunion

 The Greatest steam, gas, and antique farm equipment show in the Southeastern U. S. History. It all started with two guys and their flying machine!

The story of Denton Farm Park and the Southeast Old Threshers’ Reunion must begin with the introduction of Brown Loflin and Howard Latham.

Loflin is a lifelong resident of Davidson County’s Handy community, the home of this museum park. Farmer, entrepreneur and con-summate hobbyist, he has done everything from driving race cars, flying and restoring old machinery to building the park. He is the organizer and director of the Threshers’ Reunion.

Latham, a field engineer for Georgia-Pacific, lives a few miles east in Randolph County. One of their early associations was as co-owners of an airplane based at Loflin’s Denton Airport, a grassed runway with an open-sided shelter as a hangar. Both piloted the airplane, and the airport was a frequent gathering place for other aviation hobbyists and their flying machines.


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Here’s a good resource for magazines, websites, etc. dealing with model trains.

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