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We have so many train books in our house. Many of them were bought for my son. Many were bought for me and passed down to my son. Many were bought for my Dad, passed down to me…and passed down to my son. A couple of years ago I rummaged through the collection of children’s books about trains at my parent’s house and one book in particular really stood out. The book is titled “Mr. Punnymoon’s Train.”

Also, a few years ago my son and I became members of the live steam club in our area ( We love it. It’s been incredible and he shows no signs of losing interest as he gets older.

This particular book had been my father’s and it stood out to me because it’s the story of an old steam locomotive engineer who retires and can’t find anything to do with his time. His wife suggests he build something in his shop. So, he decides to build a steam engine since that’s all he knows. He builds it, a neighbor suggests an air pump for the chuffing sound and he puts a nice whistle on it. He starts blowing the whistle and children come running from all over the neighborhood all excited. The children ask him to build some cars so they can ride and the engineer does just that. However, there’s nowhere to lay track because his yard is too small.

So, he puts on a nice suit and goes to town to talk to the City Park Commissioner who agress to let the engineer build his railroad in the city park. It’s such an awesome little story and one that parallels our club’s recent development. We’re in the middle of building a new live steam railroad in the city park down in Harrisburg, NC.

Check this book out for yourself and your kids. You’ll love it.

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Surviving Steam Engines in NC

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Steam Locomotives

I recently stumbled on a cool resource for locating all the surviving full scale steam engines in North Carolina. These include those on display, as well as those in operation.

Southern Railway Steam Engine #1894 in Tanglewood, near Clemmons, NC.

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Paul • published September 6, 2008 12:15 am

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BLOWING ROCK – Tweetsie Railroad honors its historic past today and Sunday as it hosts the fourth annual Railfan Weekend.

Railfans will have an up-close opportunity to see how Tweetsie maintains and operates its historic steam locomotives. Engine #190 will bare her original 1943 U.S. Army lettering and her original “Yukon” whistle as she hauls passengers aboard the 1870s vintage coach on non-stop trips around the mountain. This exclusive trip will run all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon while Tweetsie’s original locomotive #12 pulls a separate train.


Choosing An O-Scale Set

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Model Trains

O Scale Model Railroad: Choosing a Train Set

By: Stuart Smith

If you are new to the world of model train building, you are probably a little confused about where to begin with your layout. After all, there is a wealth of information on all the different possible ways to arrange things, to set up the switching layout and the station layout and on and on. You must make decisions regarding the scenery and the types of trains too. Before you rush out to buy a large amount of model train pieces and scenery, or plan an entire town- even before you build the table for your model railroad set, you should decide what scale you want to work in. Scale will really determine what you need, the amount of space you will do it in, and what kind of scenery you will have.


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Train Coming!

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Train Books

One of the topics I’d like to cover on here is children’s books about trains. I’ve managed to hold on to most of the books about trains I grew up reading. One of which is titled “Train Coming!” By Betty Ren Wright, copyright 1955. In fact, I think it could have been my father’s book when he was a child. I’m not sure. I got my hands on it when I was visiting my parent’s house and going back through it, the pictures brought back some amazing memories. The town through which the train travels reminds me of Vermont for some reason. It seems like such a peaceful and scenic area. I would give anything to live in a setting like that. This book is a must-have for train fanatics. I’ll cover some of the others in my collection later.

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Apple Festival…And Trains!

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Festivals

Do you have a special place in your heart for trains?

Doing their part for the Apple Festival, Apple Valley Model Railroad Club (AVMRC) is sponsoring “Railroad Days” and an open house today and tomorrow (sorry about the short notice).


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