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The annual arrival of The Little Engine That Could at Great Smoky Montain Railroad is an event that train entusiasts won’t want to miss. In Bryson City, NC the town dresses up for the occasion and characters from the book come to life. While it’s obvious that it’s the diesel that’s pushing and pulling the little, blue engine…the likeness is uncanny and the constant “I think I can” is enough to drive even the little kiddies a bit nuts. Nonetheless, it’s great fun for everyone. Not to mention that you can also visit the train museum and enjoy Smoky Mountain Trains.

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One of the other categories I’d like to cover in this forum is Train Stores. Where are the best stores in NC where you can go, run some model trains and purchase the one’s you like? There are so many in the state.

I’ll start with Dry Bridge Station in Mount Airy, NC. Mount Airy itself is a pretty special place. Throw in an awesome train store with a cool layout where kids can watch and run some trains and you’ve got a winner. Located right on Main Street in the middle of Andy Griffith-ville, Dry Bridge Station features all scales…O, N, HO, Z and many others. They also carry all the Thomas gear.

Visit the Dry Bridge Station Website!

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Ah…another incredible children’s book about trains. They seem to just keep on coming, which is fine with me. This one again dates back to the 1950’s. I remember it well.

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This is the wonderful story of how the engineer’s cap came into existence. Mr. Puffer Bill tried many different types of hats that were supposed to keep his head and ears warm, but none worked until he stitched up his own creation that became commonplace engineer attire all over the world. This story is very well-illustrated and the pictures bring back memories from my childhood. Golden Books has always done such a fine job with trains. I wonder if they need any help?

This is another one of those train books that I grew up with. It’s a great story about a little freight train that was unappreciated by the big excursion trains. It went along it’s merry way collecting freight cars and delivering goods until one day the big, bad excursion train had broken down. All the passengers climbed on board the little freight train who brought them all home safely to the station. The little freight train had saved the day.


The illustrations in this book are awesome. It displays the freight train going from stop to stop to pick up tank cars, box cars, flat cars and more. My favorite is the camp site that it travels through. This train book dates back to the 1950’s.

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