Dry Bridge Station in Mount Airy, NC

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Train Stores


One of the other categories I’d like to cover in this forum is Train Stores. Where are the best stores in NC where you can go, run some model trains and purchase the one’s you like? There are so many in the state.

I’ll start with Dry Bridge Station in Mount Airy, NC. Mount Airy itself is a pretty special place. Throw in an awesome train store with a cool layout where kids can watch and run some trains and you’ve got a winner. Located right on Main Street in the middle of Andy Griffith-ville, Dry Bridge Station features all scales…O, N, HO, Z and many others. They also carry all the Thomas gear.

Visit the Dry Bridge Station Website!

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  1. Guss Hadley says:

    Tonight I’am Thinking about some Folk’s I loved so Dear,
    Dry Bridge Station has been gone one full year.
    I’am thinking of Mike and Beulah They were so Kind,
    They had everything and stuff that was hard to find.
    I sit here Today wondering where They are,
    Wondering if They are close or somewhere far.
    Dear Lord in Heaven above,
    Please take care of the Folk’s that I Love.
    Yes I often think of Dry Bridge Station,
    Kindling for the Imagination.
    By Guss Hadley

    • Jennifer Wills says:

      Our beloved Mike King passed away Friday night November 22nd, he had lost his wife Susan earlier in the year. I pray for his family during this time. He was the best boss I ever had and will be missed.

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