Live Steam Hobby, Train Rides in NC

Blue Ridge Summit Railroad

In our efforts to cover all the Live Steam clubs in NC we came across this club, located in Wilkes County. At this time we are not certain if the club is still in existence, but we hope so. Last we checked it was completely private, but had an awesome track and layout.


The Blue Ridge Summit was started as a result of a 1980 live steam meet held at Bill Koster’s track, then in Homestead, Florida. Bob Fink’s wife, Helen, asked if anyone would like to purchase an “A” frame cabin and 3 acres of land, next to their property in North Carolina. Bob, though working in Miami, planned to retire and move to the mountains. Bill viewed this as a chance to have a summer place to go to, to cool off from the Florida summer heat. After several years Bill realized that with Bob & himself in the 7 1/2″ gauge size of railroading, they might be able to build a railroad between both properties. Due to the slope of the property, other live steamers scoffed, and said it couldn’t be done. This made them more determined.


After a lot of planning, work started at Summit about 1988. After putting in some track, a shop/storage building was constructed. During the next 10 years, most of the spare time of both Bill & Bob was used in building the railroad. The “Golden Screw” (we use screws instead of spikes) was placed in 1998. Since that time work on the railroad has included improvements and maintenance.


Visit the BLUE RIDGE SUMMIT RAILROAD SITE and view their track layout, pictures, information and more.

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