Train Rides in NC

Family Fun in Deadwood, NC….and a Train!!!

A family theme park that doesn’t get alot of publicity here in there northwestern corner of the state, Deadwood takes you back to the Adventures of the Old West and the train ride is only part of the fun.


Family owned and operated Western Theme Park located in the Bear Grass area of Martin County near Williamston, North Carolina. Experience scenic train rides, miniature golf, arcades, play ground, roller coaster, carousel, picnic areas, an ice cream and coffee shop, a full service restaurant and a large indoor area that features a dinner theater, a haunted house for Halloween or a banquet hall for private parties.

train1  trai

For more information, visit Deadwood, NC online!

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2 thoughts on “Family Fun in Deadwood, NC….and a Train!!!”

  1. I was trying to find out if you have a show scheduled for June 27th? It is my birthday and I was interested in a party of 8 people coming and dining and seeing the show. If you don’t have a show on this date, what is the closest date to it? Let me know as soon as possible

    Thank you

    Peggy Greene
    Snow Hill, NC


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