train rides

Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia

A RIDE on the Cass Scenic Railroad is a thrilling experience for young and old who may never have seen a steam locomotive. Both are filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation as they approach the old Cass Depot to get tickets from the Agent for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Aboarrrrd”! With a clang, Clang, CLANG of the bell and CHUG, Chug, chug of pistons, the train lurches forward to begin a memorable, spine tingling ride.

STEEL wheels clickety-click in increasing tempo as the train picks up speed on the same standard gauge rails over which more than ONE BILLION board feet of lumber and an equal volume of pulpwood were shipped during the early part of the century, testimony to the vastness and incalculable wealth of this once virgin timber stand.

Learn more HERE.

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