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Daniel Boone Railroad Sign Found

I did some digging through Google recently looking for some sign of the Daniel Boone Railroad. I was amazed to find a sign from the railroad on an auction site. I hope to get to Hillsborough for this auction and buy the sign.

Growing up obsessed with trains both of my grandfathers embraced my obsession and encouraged it effectively. Both took me on many, many train rides. As fate would have it, my Dad’s father lived in Hillsborough, NC. Located right off I-85 at the Hillsborough exit, the Daniel Boone Railroad used to exist within a giant park, not too different than Tweetsie in it’s heyday. Shops, restaurants, rides and from what I can remember, an amazing train ride that ran back into the woods and looped around back to the front of the park. Like Tweetsie, the ride included cowboys and indians jumping on to act out a train robbery and gun fight.

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Steam Locomotives, Train History, Train Rides in NC

Theme Song for The Daniel Boone Railroad – Lost Train of Hillsborough, NC

In my quest to locate the train or locomotive I used to ride as a small boy with my grandfather in Hillsborough, NC I have been able to locate many pictures and much info regarding the old engine and cars.  The story started when I posted a story and photo of me in front of the train on this forum on January 3rd something interesting happened. Click HERE for the initial post.

A gentleman from the Pacific Coast Railroad Company in California posted a comment about the engine known as “Melodia.” Come to find out, his company has the engine and operates it. I was thrilled. I had found the locomotive. I posted a follow-up story from my initial post exclaiming how excited I was to find the engine. Click HERE for the second post.

A THIRD POST was written detailing the whereabouts of one of the old engines that used to operate on the Daniel Boone RR. It sits in Florida…sadly, rotting away.

Imagine my excitement when a reader emailed me an mp3 of the actual Daniel Boone Railroad theme song. Obviously, he captured it from vinyl. I thought it would be fun to take the tune and some pictures and create a YouTube video to share. I sprinkled in a couple of other pictures to keep in interesting. Hope you enjoy it.

All we’ll ever have are memories. I would love to get any photos you may have of the old train, station or railroad line. Please email them to tarheeltrains at gmail dot com.

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Santa Train Chugs Along in Spencer

Source: Salisbury Post

By Hugh Fisher – hfisher@salisburypost.com

SPENCER — He’s making a list, and checking it twice, but not on a sleigh with snow and ice.

Santa Claus is taking the train to town.

With festive decorations aboard, the Santa Train’s been running at the N.C. Transportation Museum for the last two weekends.

Santa and his elves board to pass out treats and talk to each child and family.

“You kids stay sweet and smart,” Santa Claus said to Chloe and Cameron Mullinax of Mount Pleasant.

“Santa’s going to visit you real soon!”

Their mom, Christy Mullinax, has been bringing her daughters to Spencer for the Santa Train for years.

Chloe, who’s 3 years old this Christmas, smiled while one of the volunteers took her picture with Santa, her sister and her mom.

Cameron, who’s 7, had a long wish list ready for Santa:

“A DVD player that sits on your lap and a (Nintendo) DSi,” she said, among other things.

“You think he’s got enough time to get all that together?” Christy asked with a smile.

Cameron smiled and nodded. “He got my letter!”

Families from as far off as Shelby and Winston-Salem were among the riders sharing wishes with Santa yesterday afternoon.


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